Gantry / Goliath Cranes

Gantry / Goliath Cranes

The common Goliath/ Gantry Crane design has been typically used in outdoor applications because it is very effective for projects where there is no current runway structure or building.


Now a days it is just as familiar to see gantries being used for indoor applications as well because of a few essential factors.

There are a seemingly increased number of long buildings that are built with spans that are not supported. These types of buildings offer a more open layout and they also have a less congested floor area; therefore allowing the gantry crane to operate directly on the facility floor as both an economical and practical material handling solution. When using a gantry crane system there is no longer a need for beam structures, runway columns, or concrete foundations; therefore allowing you to have more of an uncluttered floor area.

Over the years we have seen many smaller manufacturing business and fabrication shops open up shop within leased properties such as industrial style "mini mall" units. These types of buildings are not usually built to withhold the dynamic loads that would be forced upon the building by an overhead bridge crane. This is another great environment for gantry cranes and they have proven to be both a feasible and a cost effective piece of material handling equipment. Another great feature of the gantry crane is that a business can take the entire crane with them to a new location if they ever decide to move. Gantries known to be very portable and they will not affect the structure of your facility.