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EOT Cranes in rolling mill plant

Rolling Mill Plant

G.D.I. cranes a very trusted and reliable brand for the iron, Steel and aluminium industry. We combine our intelligent lifting solutions with advanced technologies to meet the needs of the customer from the scrap to the end products. Because we supply the right requirement & right solution to complete their needs.

EOT Cranes in Automobile Industries

Automobile Industries

Automobile industry which requires a lot of people and equipments to manage their different types of processes and also to ensure that the production of them stays efficient. This industry needs on time delivery of the automobiles to meet the demanding schedules of their customers. In this industry we can not afford any downtime as this needs fast, Safe and Reliable partner. We helps major automotive manufacturers around the world maintain their demanding production schedules. We provide a full complement of cranes, material-handling equipment and service for the process of building cars and trucks – from press and assembly lines to workstations and warehouses.

G.D.I. Cranes is the reliable partner to the automobile industry for decades. The various manufacturers of the automobiles use G.D.I. products for lifting and transport applications.

EOT Cranes in Mining Industries

Mining Industries

Mining takes place in a very hazardous environment in the presence of moisture, corrosion & ignition. Along with these parameters in mind while designing the material handling equipment for the particular industry.

EOT Cranes in Cement Industries

Cement Industries

This industry needs cranes from lifting the raw materials till the end products. For each of their operation related to the cranes we have various designs of cranes. To move the materials with in the premises we have EOT Cranes, Wire Rope Hoists, JIB Cranes etc. For outdoor facility we have Gantry/Goliath Cranes, Mobile Cranes etc. Our crane installations are specially designed for operation in the different conditions of the particular industry. We have different types of cranes to provide motions for the different types of the production process.

EOT Cranes in Construction Site

Construction Site

They all have to be picked up and transported in industrial pre production operations. Not only in the construction sites, But also in the pre fabrication of the elements. A particularly demanding aspects includes solution for mobile architectural elements, Such as travelling roof sections or rotating buildings.

Thanks to the customers who are already using our cranes in this particular industry.

EOT Cranes in Chemical Industries

Chemical Industry

For the production process of chemical products, The cranes or material handling equipments needs to be reliable, Safe and accurate. G.D.I. Cranes helps this industry to perform their tasks with in time and accurately.

From the storage, production and handling we ensure that process continue to run smoothly and reliably in the industry. we provide them the efficient In house logistics for their specific needs.

EOT Cranes in Power Energy

Power / Energy

G.D.I. Cranes provides various products for the power / Energy industry that helps them to manage their various activities. Our products are highly efficient & reliable, Which helps this industry to produce more power with higher safety. With our handling solutions We are the trusted supplier for the power industry.

The industry where the maximum cranes are being used. This industry is being modernized from the coal burning operation to the modern combined cycle unit.

G.D.I. Cranes serve the industries like aircraft, automobiles, container handling, chemical, rolling mill plant, railway, cement industry etc.

EOT Cranes in Aircraft Industries

Aircraft Industries

An Aircraft industry is a type of industry where everything is used with proper tests, certifications and designs. G.D.I. Cranes has the In-House facility for all these products & their maintanence. We design our each product with the successful designs, Tests and as per 9001 Quality Certifications.

On the basis of our Expertise, We serve this industry very well. This aircraft industry needs highly precise and accurate products for their use. We provide complete safe and reliable solutions for the positioning of the sensitive aircraft components.

Products designed by G.D.I. cranes for the lifting purpose helps them to minimize their working time & manpower which leads to the cost effective plans for the Industry.

EOT Cranes in railway industries

Railyway Industry

The first choice of each person when it comes for mobility from one place to the other. For manufacturing, maintanence & assembly of the wagons for railway, Cranes are used at each step.

Precision, Safety and reliability are the basic requirements for the manufacture and assembly of the stock. If necessary, also in tandem operation for the safe and reliable in house handling of the complete bodies.

G.D.I. Cranes helps them to ensure that the many steps along the way throughout the process can be completed as efficiently as possible.

EOT Cranes in container handling

Container Handling

G.D.I. Cranes is on a mission to provide the world's best container handling equipment and service. It's a constantly moving target, and we're leading the way with technology, process understanding and service commitment.

Most of the materials comes here with ships. It floats from ship unloader to gantry cranes and which then transferred via Plate handling cranes , Jib Cranes, Material handling Products, etc. for the internal movements When the material is ready to be moved outside, Its time for goliath cranes to make this thing over.

EOT Cranes in paper and forest industries

Paper & Forest

For decades, G.D.I. has contributed to the productivity of the paper and forest industry. Whether you're lifting raw pulp into treatment vats, or taking finished parent rolls off the main production line we offer cranes and services designed to help you work more safely and effectively.

From the wood pulp to the sheets which are rolled, Dried and cut. To keep these processes flowing accordingly we need different material handling equipments for their specific needs. We help them to manage their industrial challenges.

The key sector for crane technologies. To meet the individual needs of this industry we offers various products. We have extensive industry specific expertise to serve these industries.

EOT Cranes in Warehousing


Automated storage and retrieval warehouse systems are an essential component in modern logistics. Supermarkets, manufacturers, import and export companies and general logistics companies require vast storage capability to service their customers. Our drives are used extensively in warehouse crane systems across the world.